The wired companies

The Wired Index fund buys cutting-edge companies geared to today'sIinformation Age, with double-digit returns since its inception on Dec. 15, 1998. Below are the 40 companies in both the index and the fund.

Company/primary business

Acxiom Data, mining

Affymetrix, genomic equipment

AIG, insurance

America Online, network media

AMR, air travel

Applied Mat., chip equipment

Cable & Wireless, telecom

Charles Schwab, finance

Cisco, network hardware

Daimler-Chrysler, automotive

Dell Computer, computers

EMC, data storage

Enron, energy

FDX, transport

First Data, financial services

Globalstar, satellite telecom

Incyte Pharm., bioinformatics

Intel, computer chips

Lucent Technologies, telecom

Marriott International, hotels

Microsoft, software

Monsanto, agribusiness

News Corp, media

Nokia Wireless, cell phones

Nucor Specialty, steel

Parametric, automated design

PeopleSoft Enterprise, software

Qwest, telecommunications

Reuters, information

Schlumberger, oil services

SmithKline Beecham, pharm.

Sony, consumer electronics

State Street, banking

Sun Microsystems, computers

Thermo Elec., tech. instruments

Wal-Mart, retailing

Walt Disney, entertainment

Wind River, telecommunications

Yahoo!, network media

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