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What is it: Personal Auto Page is a section of Microsoft's CarPoint automotive site that keeps you up to date on your car's maintenance.

The best parts: The site is as useful for vetting repair costs of used cars you're thinking of buying as it is for keeping up on your own car's maintenance.

For instance, you can enter a 1995 Ford Taurus whether you own one or not, and the personal auto page will list the maintenance schedule, what services are performed at each interval, and how much they cost.

It will tell you how much parts and labor cost for the most common repairs.

The site also lists recall information for that model and an overall reliability index that compares your car with other models and those from other years.

Just enter in your car's odometer reading and the Personal Auto Page always knows when you're due for an oil change or other service.

What you should know: No real catches, other than that the site's repair information isn't comprehensive.

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