Yes, We Have No Maanas

Start celebrating! National Procrastination Week is still a few days off. But it's one holiday you should plan to observe early.

Otherwise, next thing you know NPW is past, like all other procrastinational events, and you're staring income tax deadline square in the face with none of your paper work done.

People ask, "How do I break the habit of putting things off?" Well, first you want to start your new habit pattern yesterday.

Call your mother early Friday instead of suddenly finding it's too late Sunday evening to call. Set your watch a few minutes early to get to events on time. Pencil a warning on your calendar the day before meetings.

Dust. Now!

Write Christmas cards in October. Call that old college friend who took you to dinner the last time you ran into him. Don't say: Let's have lunch soon. Pin it down for Thursday.

Buy a Y2K calendar now and pencil in all your relatives' anniversaries.

Start to celebrate National Procrastination Week 2000 this year. You'll join throngs just getting around to whooping it up for the 1997 and 1998 NP weeks.

That's about it.... Let's have lunch soon.

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