Hail to the chiefs

Washington's Birthday is observed on the third Monday in February. Let's celebrate early! Restate these phrases about America's presidents with a pair of rhyming words that play off the president's name. (For example, the answer to 'Roosevelt's whirlpools' would be 'Teddy's eddies.')

1. James's family

2. Richard's fox

3. Eisenhower's vision

4. Andrew's yellow

5. Ulysses' insects

6. James's black birds

7. George's shrubs

8. Washington's canyons

9. Benjamin's fort

10. William's boat

11. Zachary's mariners

12. Coolidge's buddies

13. Rutherford's fires

14. Cleveland's pasture

15. Gerald's blade

16. Herbert's shades


(1) Polk's folks; (2) Nixon's vixen; (3) Dwight's sight; (4) Jackson's flaxen; (5) Grant's ants; (6) Monroe's crows; (7) Bush's bushes; (8) George's gorges; (9) Harrison's garrison; (10) Taft's raft; (11) Taylor's sailors; (12) Cal's pals; (13) Hayes's blazes; (14) Grover's clover; (15) Ford's sword; (16) Hoover's louvers.

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