Movin' on up

Thinking of moving? Ann Arbor, Mich., might be the place for you. A study released by ReliaStar Financial Corp ranked the city as the best place to earn and save money. The report ranked the United States' 125 largest metropolitan areas using 15 measures of financial security, such as household income, job quality, cost of living, unemployment, and crime.


1 Ann Arbor, Mich.

2 Fort Wayne, Ind.

3 New Haven/Bridgeport/Stanford/Danbury/

Waterbury, Conn.

4 Grand Rapids/Muskegon/Holland, Mich.

5 Des Moines, Iowa

6 Atlanta

7 Harrisburg/Lebanon/Carlisle, Pa.

8 Minneapolis/St.Paul

9 Salt Lake City/Ogden, Utah

10 Dallas


116 Miami

117 Bakersfield, Calif.

118 Stockton/Lodi, Calif.

119 San Diego

120 El Paso, Texas

121 Modesto, Calif.

122 Fresno, Calif.

123 Los Angeles/Long Beach

124 New York

125 Jersey City, N.J.

Source: ReliaStar Financial Corp.

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