Super Bowl or a baby?

Expectant sports fans, continue at your own risk.

The birth of a child is an epiphanic moment for most couples. The presence of the father at said event has become a character test of untold proportions in American society.

An exemplary 1990s dad, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Chris Chandler, skipped a pre-Super Bowl practice last week to be at the birth of his daughter Brynn.

But what if Brynn had made her debut on Jan. 31 - Super Bowl Sunday? Would Daddy Chandler be at the delivery or delivering the pigskin down field?

To avoid such conflicts, some pro-athlete couples induce labor. One missed game could cost a star athlete a six-figure pay day.

For athletes and spectators there is a solution. But the following information can be openly shared between only those spouses with a mutual appreciation of sports and great communication. Lesser married mortals be advised: Don't even go here.

The folks at have a Web site that answers the question: Will the birth of your child conflict with a major sporting event?

Enter the due date and it will cross-reference with 3,000 sporting events.

Or, there's the Conception Blocker. Can't miss the Canadian Grey Cup in November? The site says: "Do not conceive around Feb. 21, 1999."

This is scary stuff.

Mario Lemieux once said he might miss the birth of his child rather than a Stanley Cup game. Washington Capitals owner Abe Pollin replied: "The playoffs are a game. A game. Having a baby is life.... Life comes first."

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