How John Johnson looks at teaching:

You must be competent. If you're not, the kids will spot it in a moment. They may not know everything but they can see what you don't know."

You have to love children. The kids know when you like them. Phony smiles won't work. They'll know within a week if you really care. And if they know you do, they'll accept discipline from you."

You have to put in extra time. Of course I know physics and math, but you can't hold everything in your head. Nobody can. I spend time at night reviewing, getting ready."

You can't be obnoxious, negative, cross with people. If you are, you can't hide that. It will come through to the kids. You have to have a sweet spirit. I try to be humble, helpful, and see teaching as a call to service."

You have to see them as your own children. When they become your own, it's very easy to do the right thing. If you can't do that, you might as well stop being a teacher."

Whatever you do, do it to your best."

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