Key points to consider when selecting a personal coach

1. know what you want to accomplish.

2. Interview several coaches.

3. Determine whether you feel comfortable with any of them.

4. Ask them what qualifies them to help you. (If you want to change careers, find a coach who has done it or helped others do it.) What is their experience, background, and training?

5. Tell them about your problem and ask them how they might approach it. Some coaches will conduct the first session for free.

6. Ask for references.

7. Understand the fee structure and how they conduct their sessions. Fees range generally from $200 to $500 a month. Many coaches ask for a minimum three-month commitment.

8. Make sure all coaching sessions are confidential.

Looking for a coach?

Check out these Web sites:

• International Coach Federation (

or call for a free search: 888-236-9262.

• Coach U


• Coaches Training Institute (

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