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what: learn about mutual funds geared toward socially responsible investing (SRI).

The best parts: tells you how to choose a SRI fund that matches your values as well as your investment goals.

SRI funds tend to exclude firms invovled in controversial business lines such as weapons, animal testing, alcohol, and tobacco. SRI is hot right now. Total dollars under SRI management grew from $40 billion in 1984 to nearly $1.2 trillion in 1997.

This site tracks nearly 60 funds including money-market, international, and fixed-income funds.

Click on the Mutual Fund Center and find returns, portfolios, and phone numbers for individual funds.

The Financial Service Centers let you search for the nearest philanthropic advisers and investment management consultants in your state.

A portfolio tracker will follow your fund's daily price, unrealized gains, and the portfolio's total value.

The Fund Analyzer lets you create customized fund tables for side-by-side fund comparisons.

How to get there: Make tracks for the Work & Money Web site:

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