Wild Song

When the wind blows

The quiet things speak.

Some whisper, some clang,

Some creak.

Grasses swish.

Treetops sigh.

Flags slap

and snap at the sky.

Wires on poles

whistle and hum.

Ashcans roll.

Windows drum.

When the wind goes,



the quiet things

are quiet again.

Lilian Moore

From 'I Feel the Same Way,' copyright (c)1967, 1995 by Lilian Moore. Used by permission of Marian Reiner for the author.

Correction On Dec. 22, The Home Forum published a poem called "The Wind" as one of the winners in our 1998 young people's poetry contest. It recently came to our attention, however, that the poem was nearly identical to "Wind Song," by Lilian Moore. Ms. Moore's poem appeared in her book "I Feel the Same Way" (Atheneum, 1967). Here is the complete text of Moore's poem:

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