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ACROSS 1Musical wrap-up 5Kitchen emanation 10Rapscallion 13Scandinavian war god 14"---- is an island . . ." 15Females 16Site of his 1955 bus boycott 18I did it! 19Corporate bigwig 20Wickedness 21Sun. talk 22See 10 down 24Georgia ---- 28Dissolved substances 31Distant 33River to the Caspian Sea 34Fitting 37His calling 41Diffident 42Golfer's cry 43Opened one's mouth 44His birthplace 47Peak 48One of his models 51Roadblock requests, for short 53The whole shebang 54Solicits opinions 60First name in baseball sluggers 61Site of his 1963 protest 62Corrida cries 63Wrapped bundles 64Dorothy's dog 65Fam. member 66Paladin portrayer 67Unaccompanied DOWN 1Free of charge, informally 2Fragrance 3Eat 4Picnic pests 5Battery terminals 6Actor Cesar 7Sign 8Shopping area 9Some 10With 22 Across, his famous speech 11Newspapers, television, etc. 12Sacred song 15Hip and young add-ons 17Soldiers, for short 22---- impasse 23Sub bases? 24Checks 25Biblical king 26Trace 27Currently popular 29Light unit 30Debunked mentalist Geller 32It may be taken in court 34Over 35Short dog 36Large dinosaur, familiarly 38Some flights 39Musical syllable 40Marienbad, for one 44Wood-shaping tools 45Light metal workers 46Notify 48"Green Acres" actress 49Start of a Dickens title 50Prize he won in 1964 52---- Jose 54See you later, in Sicily 55Guthrie 56Bilko and Pepper: abbr. 57Whack 58". . . to ---- peach?": Eliot 59Urban blight 61Consumer protection org. Solution to this puzzle appears on another page.

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