Top-performing funds

The stellar performers in mutual funds last year occupied the narrowest of niches, notably technology and the Internet. Funds that merely did well, up 20-30 percent, failed to make top rank. The market virtually ignored actively managed funds, whose managers look for numerous companies with excellent business prospects.

Fourth quarter 1998 Total return Phone number

Matthews Korea A 102.0% 800-789-2742

Firsthand Tech Innovation 97.4 888-883-3863

Internet Fund 83.5 888-386-3999

ProFunds Ultra OTC Inv 72.7 888-776-3637

WWW Internet 71.4 888-263-2204

One year Total return Phone number

Internet Fund 196.1% 888-386-3999

ProFunds Ultra OTC Inv 185.3 888-776-3637

Grand Prix Fund 111.8 800-432-4741

Potomac OTC Plus 104.2 800-851-0511

Berkshire Cap Growth & Value 104.0 877-526-0707

Five year (annualized) Total return Phone number

Fidelity Select Electronics 37.2% 800-544-8888

Fidelity Select Computers 36.0 800-544-8888

Legg Mason Value Prim 32.0 800-577-8589

Alliance Technology A 30.5 800-221-5672

Fidelity Select Health Care 30.5 800-544-8888

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