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What: No matter how much or how little money you have, this site offers clear advice on how and where to spend and invest it.

The best parts: A huge variety of personal-finance information. Calculators help answer questions on buying a mortgage or, if you're a homeowner, whether it's time to refinance.

Get stock quotes and tips on cutting taxes, opening IRAs, saving for a child's education, or trimming wedding costs.

Get a quote on auto insurance, and figure out what kind of life insurance policy works best for you.

The site is also loaded with questions posed by readers and answered by experts.

Starting a small business? Quicken tells you how to avoid common pitfalls like mismanagement and risky hiring practices.

The cash-stashing methods for parents with babies and youngsters are worth looking at.

What you should know: Stock quotes can be delayed between 15 and 20 minutes, and the site is not shy about promoting Quicken software products.

How to get there: The Monitor's Work & Money page gets you there on the quick:

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