What to do about bears in the backyard

Bears on back porches and cougars trailing joggers - maybe we need to rethink suburban sprawl. Or at least the makers of an excellent new television documentary, "Wildlife Wars: On Location with Daryl Hannah" (TBS Dec. 27 9 PM ET), seem to think so.

Exploring the problem and some viable solutions, the film takes us to Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and New Jersey to see what wildlife experts are doing to keep wild animals away from people - and people away from wild animals.

When a bear learns to take food from a generous stranger, it may lose its fear of humans, wreaking havoc in the garbage or failing to run from hunters.

Actress Daryl Hannah hosts - even joins in an unusual bear hunt - with specially trained dogs meant to scare bears away from developments. Children learn how to protect themselves in the woods, and experts demonstrate how better suburban planning can protect the wilderness.

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