Book End


By Anna Quindlen

and Nick Kelsh

Penguin Studio

112 pp., $24.95

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Anna Quindlen and renowned photographer Nick Kelsh collaborated before on their bestseller "Naked Babies." In this newest work, they reveal the naked truth about siblings.

In 60 captivating black- and-white photos, Kelsh reveals the many sides of the sibling relationship - the fun, the fights, and the friendships.

In her text, Quindlen exposes the light and the darkness that surround these relationships. She recalls her personal experiences as a sister and as a mother for stories of how children grow up together.

For contrast, she draws on the work of Jane Austen, Gary Larson, Anne Frank, and others who have described brothers and sisters.

Four essays explore the sibling relationship, the role of the baby in the family, the differences between siblings, and the supersister - the one who takes on the role of substitute mother.

With her characteristic tenderness, honesty, and humor, Quindlen admits that the only person she has ever beaten up (more than once) is her brother, Bob. Yet as both a child and an adult, there is no one else she loves quite the way she loves this brother. Therein is the mystery and magic of the sibling relationship.

The design of the book adds to its appeal. The overall effect will please a variety of viewers - and siblings.

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