Honk (softly) if you love haiku

When we invited readers to submit haiku appropriate for bumper stickers last year, we were amazed by the response. We received more than 3,000 poems, making us the largest haiku contest in the United States. This year, we received thousands more poems from all over North America, as well as from Europe and Africa.

The poems were judged by haiku poets Larry Kimmel and Carol Purington, and Elizabeth Lund, the Monitor's poetry editor. We present the three top poems, in no particular order, and a bouquet of runners-up.

The judges chose poems that captured the spirit of the haiku, but not necessarily the perfect 5-7-5-syllable format. Everyone who submitted a poem will receive one of the winning stickers in the mail next month. Many thanks to all!

An unendangered

species. The red-tailed


Philip Dacey

Lynd, Minn.

Fireworks program on

the Fourth: Our patriotic

car alarm responds.

Joan Voss Greenwood

Fullerton, Calif.

Every morning I

tell myself I won't hit it.

Pothole wins again!

Christine Adams

Fairfax, Va.

middle of nowhere

a sign reads

'free parking'

John Sheirer

Enfield, Conn.

new toll road -

the deer still cross

at night

Hilary Tann

Rexford, N.Y.

High snow country.

No moon. Steer by the stars,

and telephone poles.

John McBride

Bettendorf, Iowa

city mirage

rises off my hood

no oasis in sight

Marcia A. Petty

Portland, Ore.

black street

after the storm - a turn signal

spreading red

Lee Giesecke

Annandale, Va.

Rain and thunder clap

Lightning streaks the dark sky

Auto car-wash fun.

David Stroh

Carlsbad, Calif.

Traffic lineup -

geese flying south

run the red light

Helen Reynolds

Mendocino, Calif.

African traffic

More autos than elephants

Most days of the week

Ian Taylor

Karoi, Zimbabwe

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