A Juggler Extraordinaire

To most of us, a juggler is someone who skillfully keeps objects airborne. But when it comes to Michael Moschen, this just begins to describe what he does. Mr. Moschen has elevated juggling to a new plane of artistry and creativity.

In his signature piece, "Light," Moschen explores how several weighty crystal balls move in harmony with his body. They roll around his hands and arms, given impetus by his movements and the pull of gravity. Another piece involves a huge triangular framework, inside of which he unleashes springy balls. The spheres bounce around the angled sides of the contraption, outlining geometric shapes.

"One of the things I'm known for in my work is simplicity," Moschen said at a recent lecture and demonstration in Cambridge, Mass. The triangle piece demonstrates a simple principle - how an object bounces off a surface - but the spectacle is baffling, leaving audiences open-mouthed.

Moschen has starred in a "Great Performances" program on PBS and has appeared on "L.A. Law," "The Tonight Show," "The David Letterman Show," and "Sesame Street."

"The work owes me nothing. I owe the work everything," Moschen says of his airborne art form. It's a relationship that delights audiences of all ages.

* Michael Moschen will perform at The Kitchen in New York City, Dec. 9-12 and at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., Jan. 11-12.

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