Hillary Clinton as 'Mirror' for America

Until now I have appreciated the Monitor's even-handed reporting and editorializing on the Clinton affair. However, as a woman, a mother of three daughters, and an American I must take exception to the article "First Lady as Mirror for America." (Sept. 23). It was a kind article following the motto of the paper. However, the title did not reflect the content, and I found little in it to be truthful.

It read like an attempt to sugarcoat the truth and ignore the facts. Nothing brought out in the past six years would lead me to believe that Hillary Clinton is terribly smart about the things that really matter or successful where important things are concerned.

There have been questions about her honesty as a lawyer, and none of her political agenda has really succeeded. But, more important, she knew from the beginning of her husband's infidelity. If she really cared about the country or her marriage and wanted to "stand by her man," as the article suggests, she would have gotten him help for his problem years ago, improving her chances for a successful marriage and saving the country a lot of heartache.

Integrity in personal life and integrity in public life are inseparable.

In light of the past few months Mrs. Clinton may seem more "human," as the Monitor's article implies, but she certainly appears less moral. The "territory" carved out is one of deception.

Vicki A. Turpen

Albuquerque, N.M.

US as laughingstock

Mr. Sperling's column "Monica and Bill Abroad" (Sept. 29) is a continuation of his long-running campaign against President Clinton. I have just returned from a month in France and the UK and, contrary to Mr. Sperling's report, I found people and the media laughing at the US - that's us - not at Clinton's trashy behavior.

They wonder at how a nation with our power and responsibilities can sink its time, energy, and public money into proving that a man has lied about his sexual misbehavior. I do not condone Clinton's behavior, but it is the Republican mandate to Kenneth Starr to "get" Clinton any way he can which has made the US a laughingstock.

Judith Ghoneim

Charlotte, N.C.

Be fair to McGwire

The opinion piece "Home-Run Derby: Season's Saving Grace - Barely" (Sept. 4) disappointed and shocked me. After discrediting himself by his totally uninformed attack on the Colorado Rockies, the writer then proceeded into a tirade against none other than Mark McGwire - who, under the most trying circumstances, has conducted himself extremely well. There is no evidence that his admitted use of the legal drug andro has affected his performance or his deliriously enthusiastic acclaim.

What McGwire is doing towards resuscitating the game's tarnished image is incalculable. The tone of this piece makes it more suitable to a supermarket checkout line than the highly admired and respected Christian Science Monitor.

Robert W. Sharts

Dunedin, Fla.

Cartoons hit the mark

This is a long overdue comment and thanks for Mr. Bennett's clever cartoons. He is absolutely the best since LePelley. His work is humorous, and penetrates right to the point without any rancor.

This is clearly in keeping with the Monitor's object to "injure no man, but to bless all mankind." Also, his artwork is excellent - simple and clear. His cartoon is the first thing we look at in each day's Monitor.

Joseph H. Andrews

Bainbridge Island, Wash.

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