Whatever Happned to . . .

Dave Horn via e-mail asks "Whatever Happened to ... " The Man Who Sank Nixon

John W. Dean III riveted the nation when he began testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities in the spring of 1973. Mr. Dean, a White House lawyer, was the first Nixon administration insider to cooperate with investigators .

Dean denied any role in the Watergate burglary itself, but served 127 days in prison for his major role in the coverup. In his 1979 autobiography, "Blind Ambition," he argues his innocence.

Dean has not escaped the stigma of Watergate. Earlier this year, his lawsuit against the publisher of Len Colodny's 1991 "Silent Coup," was settled out of court. The book accused Dean of engineering Watergate for his own benefit.

Today Dean is an investment banker in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he lives with his wife, Maureen. He still is called upon for political commentary. Time magazine recently interviewed him about the Whitewater scandal.

Asked how he would like to be remembered, Dean replied: "As an honest man."

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