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The first European to set foot on North America was born on the mystery island. Later, he and his family moved west and settled in a different land. As a young man, he traveled to the court of Norway's king. There he became a Christian, and preached Christianity when he returned home. Shortly after that, he led a band of 35 sailors to check out the report of a new land that had been spotted to the southwest.

He and his crew first landed on a rocky place he called "Flat Rock Land." Next they came to a forested place he named "Forest Land." Historians are very interested in the third stop the explorers made. They found a kind of fruit growing there. Based on what historians think the fruit was, the pioneers might have called the place "Gooseberry Land" or maybe "Cranberry Land."

But they didn't. Do you know the name of the explorer and his homeland? Do you know what he called the new land? Or what it's called today?

Here's what to do:

We've taken a picture on the mystery island where this explorer was born, and cut it into 12 pieces. We put one letter of the explorer's name on each piece of the picture. Cut out the pieces and put them together. When you've done it correctly, you'll be able to read the name of the famous explorer. (Hint: The completed puzzle is four squares wide and three squares high.)

If you give up, the answers are on Page 9.

There's more to this explorer's story. On his way home from the new land, he rescued some shipwrecked sailors. They were so grateful, they gave him their ship's cargo. When he arrived home, the explorer sold the cargo and the logs he'd brought back to his tree-poor country. He was rich!

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