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Have you ever wondered why baseball fans keep score at a baseball game? Usually it's because it gets them more involved in the game and its strategies. Want to give it a try? Start by getting yourself both a scorecard and a program. In the program, you'll find scorekeeping symbols. Brief yourself on these as well as the explanations below and the graphic to the left. You'll be scoring like a pro in no time!

1. There is a position number (not to be confused with uniform numbers) assigned to each defensive player. You'll find these numbers in the program as well as in our graphic. You will use these position numbers when a player makes an out or when a batter reaches base. For instance, F-8 means the center fielder caught the batter's hit, and 2B-7 means a batter reached second base on a hit (or double) to left field.

2. Some scoring abbreviations include 1B for a single (a batter reached first base); HR for home run; 2B for a double. A complete list of abbreviations should appear on the ballpark scorecard.

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