Kids Quiz About Money

1. A quarter is worth:

(A) 10 cents (B) 5 cents (C) 25 cents

2. Pick which one is a need, not a want:

(A) ice cream (B) food (C) bicycle

3. Choose an example of sharing:

(A) giving money at church

(B) buying a candy bar

(C) putting money in a piggy bank

4. Name three ways to get money:




5. Sue forgot her lunch money and promises to pay it back tomorrow. Sue is:

(A) spending (B) saving (C) borrowing

6. Name three places to keep your money:




7. Which doesn't belong? I can buy things with:

(A) a check (B) a credit card (C) marbles (D) money

8. Name three things you want to save your money to buy:




9. Pick which one is a long-term goal. Buying:

(A) gum (B) bicycle (C) stickers

10. If you put your money in a bank, you get extra money for keeping it there. It is called: (A) interest (B) a gift (C) change.

Source: Jump$tart Coalition


1. C, 2. B, 3. A, 4. Allowance, gift, doing chores, other, 5. C, 6. Bank, parents, sock, envelope, other, 7. C (Paying with marbles is possible if other person agrees to the exchange. That's called barter.), 8. No wrong answers, 9. B, 10. A (See "The Basics" on Page B2 to learn how interest works.)

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