(A poem for April 24th, when Armenians commemorate what they term a genocide of 2 million that began on that day in 1915.)

Today, let every one of us

for one second forget tears.

And we will not have

two million sorrows.

Today, this once,

let every one of us

have only kindly thoughts

and we will have

two million feelings

that are pure.

Today, let every one of us

keep a pulsating star in mind

and we will have a sky

of two million stars.

Today let every one of us

plant a seed

into this red earth

our vein's earth

and we will have a wreath

with two million blossoms.

Today let every one of us

awaken the child within us

and we will have

innocents, two million strong.

Every year upon this day

let every one of us

find a star, a flower, a child

and we will multiply

again, again two million flowers,

children and stars.

Editor's note: According to some contemporary historical accounts, about 1.5 million died as a result of a mass deportation from Ottoman Turkey following revolutionary acts by Armenians seeking independence.

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