Say Hello to These Barn Babies

Old Macdonald had a farm - but only in the song. We sent photographer Melanie Stetson Freeman to a real working farm in Lincoln, Mass. Her assignment: Bring back pictures of the spring babies.

All of the animals on this page live at the Drumlin Farm, a place designed especially for children. Run by the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Drumlin Farm has an education center, 232 acres of fields, forests, and ponds, and a display of wildlife that live in the vicinity of New England farms. Visitors can see all the animals up-close. Children can also try feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, and cleaning the chicken coop!

Which animals were the hardest to photograph? The goats. The kid was so curious about Melanie that it kept walking right up to her camera. She couldn't get the shot until she walked out of the barn and then called the goats out to her.

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