Additional Appointments at The Mother Church

A story in the April 10 edition of The Christian Science Monitor reported that The Christian Science Board of Directors plans to name Jon Harder of Bristol, R.I., as President of The Mother Church in Boston this June. Mr. Harder will remain as chairman of the church's Board of Lectureship. Karyn Mandan of Boston was named manager of that board.

The story also noted that Margaret Rogers would become an associate editor of the church's religious periodicals. She had been manager of practitioner and nursing activities in the Clerk's office. Phil Davis, currently manager of the church's federal office in Washington, D.C., will succeed her in that role.

The Directors named Stephen I. Danzansky of Washington, D.C., as executive manager, Board Office. Mr. Danzansky, who earlier served on the White House National Security Council and as chief of staff to the United States Secretary of Education, will undertake a variety of special assignments for the Directors.

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