Nothing Too Hard

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There are times in our lives when we feel we just can't do something. Or that someone else can do it so much better than we can.

Perhaps at other times we may even feel we can do something ourselves in a way that is a little better than another person's way.

The truth is that no one is any more or less qualified than another in the sight of God. God's ideas are available to all. They are impartial and universal. Since He creates us each to express Him individually, you are individual. No one can do anything in just the way you can. And why would anyone want to?

Each one of us fills a special place in God's plan, a place that is just right for us. The truths of God and of who He made us to be are found in the inspired Word of the Holy Bible.

God's truths are simple. His Word is not hard to understand. Even a glimpse of the truth can entirely transform a difficult human situation into one of harmony and victory. What is possible to God is also possible to each one of us - as His image and likeness. Jesus Christ said, according to the book of Matthew, "With God all things are possible" (19:26).

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, explains the healing truth found in the Bible - the Science of Christ, or Chris-tian Science.

There's a poem by Samuel J. Avery that says, "Truth comes alike to all/ Who on Her name dare call/ With motives pure ..." ("Christian Science Hymnal," No. 355). God is Truth. No one is barred from the power of Truth, which comes to us through truthful ideas. The next line of the poem urges, "Then let us all unite ...." We are all unified in one purpose, that of glorifying God through our individual expression of His nature - through expressing such spiritual qualities as love, joy, intelligence, unselfishness, mercy, goodness. God's ideas reflect His infinity, and it's in hearing them and expressing them that you, I, and everyone else are infinitely blessed.

These points are helpful when something seems too hard. For instance, when our daughter was young, she took swimming lessons. At the end of these lessons she was to be tested. One particular day, she was really struggling. She appeared to be exhausted and incapable of completing the tests. As I watched her struggle, this Bible verse came to mind: "There is nothing too hard for thee [God]" (Jer. 32:17). I saw clearly that nothing was too hard for our daughter, because she was always God's image. Immediately, she regained her strength and stamina, and was able to complete her tests. It was an amazing turnaround! Remembering this has inspired me many times.

More recently, our youngest son was working on an art project. He felt he couldn't do it. I watched his frustration for a while, and then I prayed. That same truth came to me: "There is nothing too hard for thee." Again, I saw that it is not difficult for God to express Himself, and that nothing was too hard for our son as God's very expression.

Not long after this, I noticed he was tapping on the table. At first I thought he was still feeling frustrated, but then I noticed he was tapping with rhythm and humming a tune. His project was almost completed! The intricacy and excellence of the artwork were amazing. I'd never seen such artistic ability in him before.

Some time later, as I was listening to him read out loud, I was again astonished. He'd been struggling with his reading. But now he was reading with new fluency. I wondered, "When did this happen?" Then I remembered my prayer from not long before, and realized that this new ability reflected the spiritual truth I had understood about him. It was the natural outcome of my realizing that he was an individual expression of God.

The Bible asks, "Who is like unto thee [God]?" (Ex. 15:11). God is universal Truth. The way we express this Truth is individual. There is no one else just like you, so to compare yourself with anyone else is unnecessary. And you can remember, when something seems too hard for you, that "with God all things are possible." If we live our lives with God, seeking His help, nothing good can be too hard or out of reach.

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