Tour the Titanic In Deep-Sea Sub

Adventurers are invited to pay thousands of dollars to join scientists on unprecedented submarine trips to the depths of the North Atlantic to view the wreck of the Titanic.

The travel company Wildwings, which specializes in bird- and dolphin-watching vacations, is offering weeklong expeditions to the wreck site about 368 miles southeast of Newfoundland, Canada, beginning in August for 50 people at $33,000 each.

"For people who are nonscientists and not part of a film company, it will be the first time for them to do this," said Mike McDowell, co-owner of Deep Oceans Expeditions, which will operate the trip.

Visitors would fly to Newfoundland and then travel by sea to a mother ship, the Keldysh.

People interested in the expedition would dive to the ocean depths in two Finnish MIR mini-submarines that were used in the Hollywood hit movie.

"Each of the submersibles will carry three people each along with pilots and scientists," he said.

"The wreck itself is 12,600 feet deep. When we make the dive, we will be within feet of the actual wreck. It'll be the same sort of scenes you've seen in the movie," McDowell said.

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