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I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma. She absolutely loves to garden - so much that when she moved into a new house, she had all of the grass lawn removed from her yard in order to make room for a new garden.

Although her home was new for her, it actually had been built many years before, right on the Oklahoma prairie. The plants native to these prairies are very special and beautiful. My friend, being such an avid gardener, is familiar with many of them, especially the flowers.

Not long after the sod had been removed from her yard, several of these plants sprouted up from the soil. When she told me about this, I was so surprised. Those seeds must have lain dormant for years and years! And yet, when they were nourished with a bit of light and care, they blossomed.

Do you ever wonder if you, or maybe someone you really care about, will ever blossom? If we have what it takes to do so? Maybe we've been told we do. Or maybe we've been judged as though we never could be productive.

Those questions deserve honest answers. When Christ Jesus was asked about the source of his far-reaching, wonderful words and works, he said, "The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works" (John 14:10). God, the Father, is infinitely capable. There is nothing impossible to Him. Jesus yielded everything to this fact. His healings and his world-transforming words resulted from reliance upon God alone: "... he [God] doeth the works."

Well, this same Father, this same God, this same divine Love that anointed Jesus, anoints you and me. We each have the potential to make a progressive contribution because the power of our Father dwells in us, too. God is really the sole source of our capability.

It doesn't matter if we've never known this. God's kingdom is within us just the same. As the seeds of those native prairie plants were dormant, quietly lingering in the soil, our infinite capabilities as God's expression are within us, always ready to blossom.

Here's an illustration. The author of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," once invited people interested in Christian Science to hear her speak at her home (see "Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy," by Irving C. Tomlinson, Pgs. 67-69). Waiting in the audience to hear this woman, Mary Baker Eddy, were a mother and her two children. The younger child, who was about seven, had a very sore, inflamed spot protruding from her head.

After the talk, Mrs. Eddy greeted people. And something happened. The mother said of this greeting: "I wish I could make the world know what I saw when Mrs. Eddy looked at those children. It was a revelation to me.... Love was everywhere, like the light, but it was divine, not mere human affection.

"I looked at the people milling around on the lawn and I saw it poured out on them.... It was not only everywhere present, like the light, but it was an intelligent presence that spoke to me, and I found myself weeping as I walked back and forth under the trees and saying out loud, 'Why did I never know you before? Why have I not known you always?' " Later in the day this mother saw that her daughter's head was completely healed.

The healing power seen in that experience did not have its source in Mrs. Eddy. It was in and of God. Divine Love was so evident that day because of her clear understanding that God's good power is all power. Christian Science reveals that we, too, can heal by this same understanding, here and now.

"Why did I never know you before? Why have I not known you always?" was that mother's response when she began to awake to the kingdom of God, the law of Love, within her and her children. Like a hidden prairie seed, her dormant understanding of divine power blossomed when she saw God's love expressed openly. This revealed the perfection of God and His creation as the present fact of existence. And it brought physical healing to her daughter.

"Ye are complete in him," states the Bible (Col. 2:10). And, as the spiritual creation of Love, we include everything necessary to blossom fully.

Don't give up on anyone - or on yourself. The kingdom of God is present in all of us. It comes to light as we understand ourselves to be God's very expression.

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