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Talk to us, please.

Every week, the Work & Money section comes to you filled with articles, charts, graphs, tips, and lists designed, engineered, researched, and developed to help readers.

That's our goal, anyway - to be not just interesting but a supply source for new ideas in the way you manage your money, your time, your work.

And, so far, readers say they like what they see.

But we'd like to hear more ... not more compliments but more ideas about what you want from Work & Money.

Well, go ahead and send some compliments. And a strongly worded suggestion that everyone you know and everyone they know would subscribe to the Monitor if Work & Money were edited from a beach-side bungalow on Maui.

But then tell us about stories you'd like to read - not general categories but specifics: cheap ways to travel, investing in Europe, managing debt, fighting sexual discrimination at work, how to save for college, which cell-phone plans work best.

Give us a hand in figuring out where to go from here. The acid test is utility. When people read a Work & Money story, they should know how the topic affects them and how to take action.

We're also expanding our coverage. We plan to write about companies that pursue an especially ethical or moral path. We don't expect perfection, but plenty of firms and businesspeople pursue notable ideals through individual programs.

The possibilities include treatment of employees, distant or local communities, the environment, charities, etc. - companies, projects, programs, people for whom a high ethical standard is routine.

Now, in about 30 seconds, the lights in your home will dim as masses of public-relations agents rush their computers to pound out press releases about corporate clients taking tax write-offs for donating 10-year old PCs to charity.

No thanks. But for real ideas from real readers, the door's open. Keep reading for how to reach us.

Did I mention a very special, very important, winter-crazed interest in ideas that require field research on Maui?

One more thing. We plan to devote space in Work & Money to print readers' thoughts about topical issues.

Such as Asia. The president will soon ask Congress for $18 billion to help revive Asian economies.

Should Congress approve the money, or should Asian countries - and the US banks that hold their loans - suffer the full lash of capitalism? They did, after all, dig this hole themselves.

On the other hand, the rest of the planet's well-being depends in part on Asia. (Read David Francis' authoritative column for more details.)

So tell us what you think. We'll print the responses. Write:

Work & Money

The Christian Science Monitor

One Norway St.; Boston MA 02115

Or e-mail:

Or leave a voice mail: 617-450-7827.

Obviously, we're asking for a lot in the way of reader response, here. So it might be helpful to review the requirements.

* Story ideas. What you want to read.

* Who's taking the high road in business.

* Bailouts for beleaguered buddies and budgets in Asia.

* Maui.

Maybe I'll send a postcard.

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