Solve This UFO (Unidentified Fruity Objects) Mystery

If you've been to the grocery store, you've seen all these before - but probably never like this. How well do you know your fruits?

1. Peanut butter just wouldn't be the same without these.

2. This hybrid citrus giant came to Florida from the Caribbean in 1823. Now it's a major crop.

8. They used to be called 'Chinese gooseberries.' New Zealand growers gave them a catchy new name.

3. Despite its name, it does not grow on a conifer, nor is it a cider ingredient.

7. Humans have been eating them for 2.5 million years. John Chapman was this fruit's American 'star.'

6. The 'peach of the tropics' is popular in India, where hundreds of varieties grow (and one kind tastes like turpentine).

4. This tropical fruit grows in 'hands.' You also eat the 'fingers' by hand.

5. How do you turn a berry into a vegetable? With a Supreme Court ruling. It happened to this fruit in 1893.


(1) Grapes; (2) Grapefruit; (3) Pineapple (leaves and skin); (4) Banana; (5) Tomato. The high court ruled that because the fruit is used like a vegetable, it should be considered one for purposes of trade. (6) mango; (7) Apple. Chapman is better known as Johnny Appleseed; (8) Kiwi fruit.

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