First Pup

So, President Clinton has a new puppy. And he wants to give it a name. Another challenge we hope the nation is up to.

Presidential lore is full of dogs. There's Fala, of course, just back in bronze to sit permanently at the foot of FDR. And Checkers, the cocker spaniel that helped save Richard Nixon's first entry to the White House on Eisenhower's coattails.

Millie, the Bushes' springer spaniel, was the first first dog to write her own memoirs. (And one of few Beltway notables to get a big book advance without risking loss of the speakership.)

But enough nostalgia. Back to the Clintons' first pup.

With his well-honed instinct for poll results, Mr. Clinton has invited the public to submit names for the first family's new chocolate-colored Labrador.

Wags who proposed Shoes, Odd, or Run to match first cat Socks have been sent back to the drawing board. Moose fits his chocolate color well, but sounds too, well, Bullwinklish.

Nasa, the space Lab? Ouch!

Plain old Hound Dawg might do if Clinton is into his Elvis turn. But with heads of state around? Nah ... as Clinton likes to say, that dog won't hunt.

Speaking of Clintonese, "Gitgo" might fit nicely. Rhymes with Fido, more or less. And certainly describes every Lab we've ever known.

Actually, we give up.

Your turn ....

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