Monitor Quiz: Holiday Homonyms

Can you guess the two or three sound-alike words each rhyme describes?

1. I'm the song that you sing

only once a year;

I'm a library booth where

you can't see or hear.

2. I belong to an arrow,

to a gift I'm tied;

I'm the love of her life,

will she be my bride?

3. Something robbed,

something taken;

a holiday bread

we love bakin'.

4. A word with "log"

that burns on eves;

to mean "you shall,"

with an apostrophe, please.

5. I'm happy and cheery,

to wed is the same;

a famous mother,

a woman's first name.

6. So evergreen,

a shrub I see;

a mother sheep,

a pronoun "thee."

7. A nod to the queen,

the front of a ship,

a limb of a tree,

with "wow!" more than "yip."

8. The beginning or start,

of something new;

a place for a ship,

or a bunk bed, too.


(1) carol, carrel; (2) bow, beau; (3) stolen, stollen; (4) Yule, you'll;(5) merry, marry, Mary; (6) yew, ewe, you; (7) bow, bough, bow!; (8) birth, berth.

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