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* ALL OVER ME - Uncertain where they fit in the social and sexual scheme of things, two 15-year-old girls meet a surly young man who may be involved with a killing in their neighborhood. Directed by Alex Sichel from a screenplay by her sister Sylvia Sichel, this urban coming-of-age drama ranges from poignant scenes of adolescent loneliness to sleazy drug-related episodes, offering a cautionary view of the dangers that arise when youngsters try to grow up too fast. (R; New Line Home Video)

* AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY - Gifted comedian Mike Myers aims his satirical sights at swinging suspense movies with preposterously cool heroes like James Bond and the Saint, who oscillate between saving the world and bewitching beautiful women. Frozen in time for 20 years, Austin Powers wakes up in the '90s with no awareness of the major social changes - especially where female dignity is concerned - that took place during his big sleep. The comedy has amusing moments, especially when Myers changes costumes to play Dr. Evil, who wants to control our planet but hasn't figured out how to control his own teenage son. Many scenes are just silly and sophomoric, though. Myers's excellent "Wayne's World" movies were far more clever and consistent. Jay Roach directed. (PG-13; New Line Home Video)

* NOWHERE - Teenagers cope with life in Los Angeles, portrayed as too bleak and boring to be endured. This pitch-black tragicomedy is billed as the conclusion to Gregg Araki's so-called Teen Apocalypse Trilogy. The trilogy began with "The Living End" and continued with "The Doom Generation," the only one with enough explosive energy to divert attention from the whining and self-pitying that have become Araki's trademarks. Those irritating ingredients are back in force this time, swamping efforts of an interesting cast including James Duval, Heather Graham, Debi Mazar, Guillermo Diaz, Traci Lords, John Ritter, and Beverly D'Angelo. (R; New Line Home Video)

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