Society's Soaring Aspirations

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

Aspiring to achieve good and to make progress is natural. And nothing seems sadder than to be robbed of hope, to find one's aspirations deadened. But beneath the disillusionment, worthy motives remain, to be awakened by some circumstance - a word, a touch of love.

Regrettably, hope that lies in anything mortal must at some point meet with an ending. In "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures," Mary Baker Eddy asked, "Who hath found finite life or love sufficient to meet the demands of human want and woe, - to still the desires, to satisfy the aspirations?" (Pg. 257). This book, the textbook of Christian Science, sheds light on just how Christ Jesus was able to renew the hopes of so many through his healing and teaching. Christian Science turns one's thoughts to the inspiration of the Bible. Through the Word of God, human aspiration finds its ultimate goal - spirituality. Moreover, true spirituality and true Christianity are found to be one and the same.

Motivated by the highest spiritual aspirations for mankind, Jesus promised longing hearts, "Seek, and ye shall find" (Luke 11:9). Maybe those he addressed did not realize they were actually spiritual seekers, or if they did, did not understand the true nature of spirituality. But their search was legitimate, and the love of God - who is perfect Love - would refine it. Science and Health states that "the aspiration after heavenly good comes even before we discover what belongs to wisdom and Love" (Pg. 265).

I've noticed that evidence of this is multiplying thick and fast in these last days of the twentieth century. Newspapers carry frequent articles on humanity's search for a more spiritual life. Bookshops are devoting more and more shelf space to the quest for spirituality, often under the topic heading "Mind, Body, Spirit." In my country, festivals devoted to the healing arts are drawing thousands to their exhibits and activities. The mental and spiritual elements in physical healing are gaining increasing recognition in medical circles. In many churches today, attention is again turning toward the healing Jesus did.

Only God, who according to the Bible is Spirit (see John 4:24), can fulfill the deep searching that is going on, for true spirituality by its very nature emanates from Spirit, is the very expression of Spirit. It's an understanding of the nature of God, and of our own relation to God, that ushers in the true sense of spirituality and brings the "heavenly good" to which the human heart instinctively gravitates.

There are many people who have been drawn to the study of Christian Science (the actual laws of God, which Mrs. Eddy discovered) by the need for healing of all kinds, and have found their need for spiritual understanding being satisfied. They have recognized, appreciated, been part of, society's soaring hopes and aims, and have been grateful to find the healing and restoration of life that of necessity accompany any honest search for the truth.

True spirituality, with all its promise and power and healing, radiates from the pages of the Bible; God becomes closer and more understandable as one ponders its inspired words; the ability to gain dominion in daily life is strengthened.

Many people are familiar with the Bible. But many are not so familiar with Science and Health or with the deep spiritual dimension it brings to one's understanding of the Bible and to human life in general. Even someone unfamiliar with the Bible can find his or her aspirations satisfied through the message of Science and Health, and may thereafter feel inspired to look into the Scriptures.

The Bible and Science and Health are the "dual and impersonal pastor" of the Christian Science Church. Because of its love for spiritual seekers the world over, its members are encouraged to share Science and Health. A new edition of this book, produced especially with the first-time reader in mind, can be found in bookstores and Christian Science Reading Rooms. This comes in response to society's soaring aspirations, with the intent of satisfying them.

Your spiritual desires must reach their goal - and you must see a growth of good in your life. Seeking, you will find!

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