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TV highlights for the week of Oct. 5-11. All times are Eastern; check local listings. Ratings are listed for shows when available.

TV-Y All Children

TV-Y7 Directed to Older Children

TV-G General Audience

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TV-14 Parents Strongly Cautioned

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SUNDAY - 10/5

The Wonderful World of Disney (ABC, 7-9 p.m.): Kirstie Alley stars as a deceased dentist who takes up "bicuspid retrieval" while she's waiting for her ticket out of limbo. Problem is, Alley's Tooth Fairy can't help dispensing advice to kids along with the money - a strict no-no. "Toothless" has some loopy touches, but adults will likely find it a comedy that lacks bite. (TV-G)

Rescuers: Stories of Courage (Showtime, 8-9:50 p.m.): This fact-based trilogy, produced by Barbra Streisand and directed by Peter Bogdanovich, celebrates Christians who rescued Jews during World War II. Tonight's tales focus on a Polish governess (Elizabeth Perkins) who saves her Jewish charge by pretending he's her son. Sela Ward is a Frenchwoman who smuggles documents in her bike basket and helps hide more than 20 Jews, sheltering three of them in her home. Uplifting stories, reminiscences by real people, and strong performances by Perkins and Ward make this a winner. (TV-PG)

Classic Whitney (HBO, 9-11 p.m.): Live from our nation's capital, Whitney Houston will sing the hits "I Will Always Love You" and "The Greatest Love of All." She'll also perform songs by Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross as well as some gospel material. (TV-G)

MONDAY - 10/6

Northern Exposure (A&E, noon-1 p.m. and 6-7 p.m.): Dr. Fleischman and the eccentric cast from the remote Alaskan town of Cicely premire on cable TV. If you missed the offbeat 1990-95 series, here's your chance to catch it in reruns. (TV-PG)

The Magic School Bus (PBS, time varies): Ms. Frizzle (Lily Tomlin) drives her magic school bus into its fourth season. In the premire, her class gets a lesson in molecules by washing singer Molly Cule's (Wynonna Judd) car. (TV-Y)

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS, 8:30-9 p.m.): In this well-done episode, Raymond (Ray Romano) finds himself drowning in brotherly love when Robert (Brad Garrett) proposes a fishing trip. (TV-PG)

NFL Football (ABC, 9-midnight): The Denver Broncos host the New England Patriots in one of the most anticipated games of the season. Both teams are undefeated; two of the best quarterbacks, New England's Drew Bledsoe and Denver's John Elway, will compete; and the Pats hope for their first win at Mile High Stadium since 1968.

TUESDAY - 10/7

Baseball Playoff (NBC, 8-11 p.m.): Next phase of playoffs: Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. Play continues during the week on both NBC and Fox.


Mystery! (PBS, 9-10:30 p.m.): Move over Miss Marple! Hetty Wainthropp (Patricia Routledge, "Keeping Up Appearances") is a force to be reckoned with. The sexagenarian sleuth, teen sidekick in tow, isn't afraid to rap a few knuckles while cracking the case of "The Bearded Lady."

FRIDAY - 10/10

Children of Divorce (PBS, date and time vary): Host Fred Barnes takes a look at the effects of divorce through the eyes of children. In this thoughtful and emotional special, Barnes interviews more than a dozen adolescents and young adults, illustrating how we have moved from a child-centered society to a "me" society. The divorce rate for first marriages is 40 percent, but in some places like Modesto, Calif., marriage-saver programs are lowering the rate significantly.

SATURDAY - 10/11

Remember WENN (AMC, 9-9:30 p.m.): Set in a Pittsburgh radio station in 1941, the series begins its third season. Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld") guest-stars and directs this comedy-drama about "a master of all things mental" who tricks Melinda Mullins's character into revealing a personal secret.


Rescuers: Stories of Courage

Sunday, Oct. 5, 8-9:50 p.m. (Showtime)

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