Name That Invention

Say you've come up with something completely new. You could give your work a descriptive title, but why not name it after yourself? Your creation may make your name well-known for years to come. Below are the names of people who have had their names attached to a product. Can you match the person to his or her creation?


1. Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin

2. George Mortimer Pullman

3. Earl Tupper

4. Louis Pasteur

5. Melvil Dewey

6. Louis Braille

7. John Philip Sousa

8. Louis Comfort Tiffany

9. Frank Zamboni

10. Charles Frances Richter

11. Rudolf Diesel

12. Maria Innocenta Hummel

13. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

14. George W.G. Ferris


A. System to classify publications

B. Tuba-like instrument

C. Decorative lighting employing stained glass

D. Pressure-ignited internal combustion engine

E. Process of slow heating to kill bacteria

F. Ice-resurfacing machine

G. Airship

H. Collectible figurines

I. System of raised-dot writing

J. Railroad car with convertible sleeping quarters

K. Gas-burning laboratory device

L. Plastic containers with airtight lids

M. Scale for measuring earthquake magnitude

N. Rotating amusement park ride

Diane Mayr

ANSWERS: (1) G; (2) J; (3) L; (4) E; (5) A; (6) I; (7) B;

(8) C; (9) F; (10) M; (11) D; (12) H; (13) K; (14) N.

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