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David Sterritt Monitor Panel Meaning

o o Forget it

+ + Poor

++ ++ Fair

+++ +++ Good

++++ ++++ Excellent

New Releases

DELINQUENT (Not rated)

++ A teenage boy struggles with hopes, fears, and temptations that take him from his sadly broken home to an unorthodox relationship with a young woman facing uncertainties of her own. First-time filmmaker Peter Hall tells this sexually frank coming-of-age tale with a rough-hewn sincerity that shows promise for his future work. S N P V


++ Media manipulators and government agents are among the characters of this allegorical suspense story, which focuses on a Hollywood filmmaker who is shocked when violence arrives in his life, even though he's long exploited it in his movies. Directed by the justly respected Wim Wenders, the picture suffers from weak screenwriting but shows commendable interest in important issues. Bill Pullman, Andie MacDowell, and Gabriel Byrne star. V P S N


++ Things are tough all over - from tough-guy humor to rough-guy shenanigans. Businessmen are illegally disposing toxic waste, making millions, and poisoning eastern Kentucky waters. Who better to step in than Steven Seagal as Jack Taggert, undercover EPA agent, carpenter, and musician to boot. This picture is downright entertaining and a little thoughtful with a look at the difficult coal-mining life of the Appalachians through old black-and-white photos. However, there is a lot of violence, foul language, and a suggestion of incest. V P By Katherine Dillin

+++ Simplistic, cathartic, predictable.


+++ A wealthy, self-centered man receives a strange birthday present: a gift certificate for a dangerous "game," devised by a mysterious and possibly evil company, and tailored to the history and personality of each individual client. David Fincher's thriller is an unusually imaginative suspense movie and a sardonic attack on the arrogance of power in the socially uncertain 1990s. Michael Douglas gives one of his best performances as the increasingly threatened hero, and Sean Penn is characteristically energetic as his brother. V P S


+ After a shooting, four young men scurry around Brooklyn trying to dispose of the corpse before the police get on their trail. Salvatore Stabile's first movie has lots of energy and some very creative editing. But does the world need yet another streetwise story about young wise guys knockin' around the 'hood? V P S


++ Television's Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) strides onto the big screen to play Kull, a somewhat less civilized but no less muscular ancient hero. Kull the barbarian wins a kingdom in a duel and then must protect it from a evil sorceress by going on a quest to find some counter-magic. Standard fantasy stuff for Sorbo's fans and the sword-and-sorcery crowd only. S V N By Greg Lamb

Currently in Release


++ Terrorists hijack the president's plane, threatening to kill hostages until a tyrant is released in the former Soviet Union, and everyone pitches in to beat the villains and preserve American honor. There's plenty of action, and Harrison Ford certainly puts the chief back in chief executive. But the movie wastes a good opportunity to look at important questions, such as who's responsible for American policy when the president is busy killing terrorists. Glenn Close is good as the vice president and Gary Oldman is better as the head bad guy. V P

++ Fast-paced, silly, flawed.


+++ Two women get together for the first time since they graduated from college six years earlier, and spend a weekend in London, where they run into various old acquaintances. Mike Leigh's dark comedy features strong acting by Katrin Cartlidge and Lynda Steadman and paints a vivid portrait of working women in London today. The plot meanders out of control, though, almost getting lost in a string of coincidences so odd that even the characters start wondering what's going on. P S

++ Quirky, tender, well-acted.


+++ Convinced that modern America is crawling with conspiracies, an eccentric taxi driver teams with a government official to fight some very real enemies who want to kill him. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts contribute major star power to the uneven tale, but it never becomes as convincing as a real conspiracy theory should. Contains some very nasty violence. V P

+++ Fast-paced, intriguing, predictable.


+++ Slowly paced science-fiction drama about an idealistic astronomer who detects a message from outer space with blueprints for a one-person spacecraft, and eventually sets out on a voyage guided by some superior intelligence. Meanwhile, an offbeat theologian becomes her lover, and they have an ongoing dialogue about the relationship between science and religion. Jodie Foster is excellent as the astronomer, and the screenplay is more thoughtful than most. But its discussions don't go very deep, and moviegoers with strong religious values may wonder why it comes down for humanism over spirituality. S V P

++++ Intelligent, smartly directed, exhilarating.

CONTEMPT (Not rated)

++++ Reissue of Jean-Luc Godard's legendary 1963 drama about a French screenwriter who takes a job adapting "The Odyssey" for a crass Hollywood producer, then loses the respect of his wife, who feels he has lowered his standards of loyalty and integrity. Godard's graceful style is enhanced by performances from Michel Piccoli as the writer, Brigitte Bardot as his spouse, Jack Palance as the producer, and the great German director Fritz Lang as himself. N V


+++ The setting is a town across the river from Manhattan, where police officers raise their kids away from big-city hazards. Sylvester Stallone plays the local sheriff, a melancholy loser who gradually realizes that his neighbors are up to their badges in conspiracy and corruption. James Mangold follows up the promise of his excellent "Heavy" with this smartly written, superbly acted melodrama. Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, and Ray Liotta round out the cast. Contains hard-hitting violence and much foul language. V P N

+++ Intense, slow-moving, tragic.


++ Astronauts explore a spooky rocketship that entered a terrifying new dimension by "folding space" with a portable black hole. The settings and visual effects are imaginatively done, but the dialogue is silly and the plot is a mishmash, with echoes of everything from the "Aliens" movies to Michael Crichton's novel "Sphere," which pushes similar buttons a little more intelligently. Laurence Fishburne and Kathleen Quinlan head the cast. Paul Anderson directed. Contains violence, nudity, and much vulgar language. V N P

+ Unenjoyable, grueling, overkill.

FIRE (Not rated)

++ Two women in a New Delhi household develop a romantic relationship with each other, driven by frustration with their husbands - one who refuses to end an extramarital romance, and one who takes a vow of celibacy without considering his wife's wishes. Written and directed by Deepa Mehta, this Indian production is not filmed very interestingly, but reveals much about conflicts between traditional and modern attitudes in Indian society. Contains sex and a little nudity. S N V


++++ A filmmaker agrees to produce a classic play in Sarajevo, but when the Bosnian war arrives he switches to a movie project that runs into a new set of difficulties. Jean-Luc Godard wrote and directed this French production, which sees war as a symbol of modern greediness and materialism, and cries out for a rebirth of art to heal society by guiding it toward more humane values. The intricate, puzzlelike story contains violence and sexuality. V P S N


+++ Four jobless men become so desperate for work that they decide to explore the male-stripper profession. Peter Cattaneo's comedy has brash and boisterous scenes, but its message about the humiliations of unemployment is serious and insightful, and applies far beyond the English setting of this story. Contains a small amount of nudity. N P V

+++ Hilarious, touching, clever.


+++ A woman becomes the first female to enter a rigorous Navy Seal training program and discovers that various people want to see her fail. Instead of exploring issues, Ridley Scott's drama turns them into sledgehammers and whomps you over the head with them. The action is often gripping, if you can stand the bone-battering violence and raunchy language, and the images have a color-drained grimness that makes you feel you're in the same dismal surroundings as the characters. The picture's big moral problem is a failure to ask whether brutal, sadistic military training is really an excellent route to strength of mind and character. Demi Moore is the hard-working star. V S N P

+++ Hard-hitting, intense, thought-provoking.


++ The setting is Harlem in the 1930s, and the "hero" is an African-American gangster fighting to stop psychopathic mobster Dutch Schultz from taking over the numbers racket in his territory. Laurence Fishburne and Tim Roth play the main characters with conviction, but Bill Duke's punchy filmmaking style banishes any hope of storytelling subtlety or psychological nuance. Contains disturbingly graphic violence. V P S N

++ Action-packed, excessive violence, typical "gansta" movie.


++ Smarting from romantic humiliations, two insensitive yuppies decide to woo a vulnerable woman by flattering and pampering her, then dump her as revenge on her entire gender. Although the plot is as repulsive as its main characters, the movie is far from gratuitous in its scathing portrayal of me-generation selfishness and insensitivity. Written and directed by newcomer Neil LaBute. P V S

++ Provocative, compelling, disturbing.


o The low-quality sitcom plot begins when a sleazy 1990s Eddy Haskell persuades the Beaver to join the football team to persuade the proud Mr. Cleaver to spring for the bicycle the Beav' covets. It pretty much works - just part of the faint glow of cynicism around this ill-conceived and poorly executed movie. It doesn't have any campy fun by playing off the television original nor does it achieve any of the nostalgic reassurance of watching reruns. By Marshall Ingwerson

+ Slow, unimaginative, boring.


+ A smart-alecky student saves a school from an extortionist who's holding kids for ransom. Only a few spunky moments from Patrick Stewart, who plays the villain with campy exaggeration, save the movie from complete failure. Roger Christian directed. V P


+++ You know those people you run across who look, talk, and act like aliens from outer space? They really are aliens from outer space, thinly disguised in human bodies they'll never learn to handle very well. That's the idea behind this hilarious comedy, directed with boisterous wit by Barry Sonnenfeld. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith give uproarious comic performances as government agents ordered to keep New York's monsters in Manhattan, where they'll blend right in with the rest of the confusion. Contains some sexual innuendo and cartoonish violence in the "Ghostbusters" tradition. V P

+++ Original, clever, witty.


++ A brave scientist battles a hostile life form that invades New York, able to change its form and attack when least expected. The adventure is well-acted by Mira Sorvino and Giancarlo Giannini, among others, and imaginatively directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who gives a new twist to old science-fiction effects. In the end, though, the tale cares more about action and violence than characters and ideas. V P S

+ Ludicrous, dark, grotesque.


+ A sassy but good-hearted con man (Chris Tucker), wrongly accused of killing police officers during a prison break, teams with a struggling reporter (Charlie Sheen) in an attempt to clear his name. Heather Locklear has a cameo as Sheen's high-society fiance. Tucker's over-the top acting kills any potential comedy, and every other word from his mouth is foul. The plot seems a reworked version of many seen before. V P S By Laura Lipscomb

u Silly, insulting, overuse of stereotypes.


+++ Judi Dench gives a rich and riveting performance as Queen Victoria in this colorful drama about the aging monarch's loving friendship with a feisty Scots horseman. Billy Connolly is equally good as the unconventional companion, and filmmaker John Madden keeps the action moving at a rattling good clip. V P

+++ Poignant, witty, historically illuminating.


+++ The heroine is a disabled woman who writes lurid novels for a living; her new boyfriend is a jewel dealer whose business connections are suspiciously vague. Delicious acting by Gia Carides and Anthony LaPaglia is the strongest suit of this bright-eyed Australian comedy, which is marred by some over-the-top physical gags and surprisingly explicit sex scenes that seem out of sync with the rest of the picture. S N V P

A SELF MADE HERO (Not rated)

++ In the aftermath of World War II, a Frenchman rises in society by claiming a heroic past in the Resistance movement. Jacques Audiard's tragicomic French drama raises fascinating social and historical issues but doesn't investigate them as compellingly as they deserve. V P

SHall we dance? (PG)

+++ A Japanese businessman takes a departure from his routine and enters a ballroom-dance class, his interest initially piqued by an attractive instructor. His wife encourages him to pursue a new activity but suspects him of infidelity and hires a detective. Viewers are led into a revealing glimpse of the ballroom-dance competition circuit as well as Japanese society in the 1990s. P By Leigh Montgomery

+++ Powerful, touching, exquisite.


+++ Unable to control his combustible emotions, a man goes to prison for avenging an attack on his wife, then returns home 10 years later to find her happily married to a far more conventional fellow. Nick Cassavetes directed from a screenplay by his father, legendary filmmaker John Cassavetes, whose stories focus on out-of-control lives in order to explore their human richness and celebrate their spontaneity and unpredictability. This tale is as turbulent, harrowing, and confused as its unglamorous characters, but its savvy performances and streetwise dialogue provide impressive energy. Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, and John Travolta star. V P S

+++ Dark, unusual, well-acted.


+ A young couple seeks fertility treatments when the wife fails to become pregnant, and meanwhile the husband faces a romantic temptation at work. This trite, hopelessly unconvincing comedy-drama shows that a movie with a "family values" message can still be obsessed with sex and steeped in smarmy humor. P V


++ A murdered government agent agrees to help the forces of darkness so he can return to the world and see his family again, sparking a huge battle of good against evil. The adventure is vulgar and violent, although the special effects are impressive. V P S N

o Brooding, sophomoric, scatological.

SUNDAY (Not rated)

+++ The ambiguities of identity and the loneliness of isolated lives are the subjects of this atmospheric drama about an unlikely pair of middle-aged lovers. Directed by Jonathan Nossiter with loving attention to textures of human behavior and the influence of environments on people's moods and activities. David Suchet and Lisa Harrow are very convincing as the couple. Contains nudity and graphic sex. S N P

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