Keep Little League Little

Watch out, Little Leaguers. As if high-pressure dads, moms, and coaches weren't enough, you may soon have to contend with cameramen and TV sportscasters.

The cable network ESPN2 has plans to broadcast a wider range of Little League games, starting with the regional run-ups to the league's "World Series," held each year in Williamsport, Pa. That peak of Little League achievement, held this week, has long been televised.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the network's programmers have concluded that the game as played by 10-year-olds is "really good television. It has a good feel to it."

We'll confirm that last point, at least. Watching youngsters test themselves at the national (and international, when it comes to Little League) pastime, is pleasurable. And especially so if the competition combines teamwork, hustle, and the kids' pure enjoyment of the sport.

If all that can be preserved with the cameras rolling and the ad revenue piling up, fine. But we suspect Bob Bigelow, former pro basketball player and father of a Little Leaguer, had a point when he observed about the players: "They are not miniature adults. They are not miniature pros." The "good feel" factor isn't the league, ater all, it's the children.

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