Do You Think About God?

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

If you haven't thought about God for a while, it just could be you feel a bit lonely, perhaps even afraid, ill, or poor. Because God is our very Life, not thinking of Him, loving Him, feeling loved by Him, is a bit like forgetting to walk, talk, or breathe!

Even if something inside says things are so bad there just can't be a God at all, this still isn't true. Bible prophets and people from all over the world, and even some of your friends and neighbors, have proved not only that God exists but that He loves us. Heals us. Keeps us safe. Teaches and comforts us and provides all that we need for happiness and security. Wouldn't you want to think a lot about this all-loving God?

One day when our children were quite young, one of our horses ran away from our farm, trotting up the steep highway that bordered the property. She was right in the middle of the road. The next thing I knew, my young son was following her on his bike, and our little dog was running after them both. For a moment I was terrified because I knew that drivers coming from the other direction, who often traveled quite fast, would not see any of this until they crested a hill, at which point their cars would be right upon the horse, boy, and dog.

Before I even had time to ask God to help me, thoughts from Him came to me, and I heard the whisper "Stars in their courses never contend." (I later learned these words were from a hymn I didn't even know!) I hung on to that idea for dear life. To me it meant that just as God keeps the stars from bumping into each other, He keeps His ideas from hurting each other through all creation. As I ran to our car and started up the road, I kept leaning on God in prayer, trusting Him to keep the cars, the animals, and my loved child all safe.

Well, it was a mile or so before I was able to bridle the horse and then bring us all safely home, and during that time several cars did come toward us. But in each case they were moving slowly. And, very interestingly, all the cars were clinging to the shoulder of the road! It was as if a police officer had moved them all over there. From a high point, I could see that the cars had moved over before the drivers could see the child and animals coming toward them in the road. Angels-thoughts from God-had been speaking to and caring for all concerned.

You only have to have a few experiences like that one to know that you can trust God at all times, under all circumstances. And that's just what our family has done. Learning of God's love for us, through the practice of Christian Science, we've had physical healings, received guidance in finding jobs and educational opportunities and housing, and have felt love and comfort, all by praying, keeping our thoughts close to God.

Just as you wouldn't attempt to build a house without a detailed floor plan, you can't successfully attempt to start each day without knowing God as the architect of your very existence. The study of Christian Science, the law of God, involves seeing evidence of this, through prayer and the study of the Bible, especially the teaching of Jesus Christ. I've found that the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by Mary Baker Eddy, explains the Bible's deepest spiritual meaning.

"God is love," the Bible teaches (I John 4:8). Through the Word of God, we find that God is with us. This brings inspiration and healing. More and more we feel peace, comfort, and fearlessness, and find that all our human needs are met.

God is our Father-Mother. God does all this for us because He, She, is the divine Spirit that governs all creation spiritually. God directs and corrects with love. God is the Mind of us all, constantly upholding the universe intelligently, and this is true even when it appears to us that there is only disorder or chaos. The ground has to be tilled and prepared before a garden can be planted, and the gardener is not disturbed by the digging up; in much the same way, we can learn not to be disturbed when the evils that God destroys are "dug up" to be eradicated.

The more I understand God, see that He is infinite, impartial Love-the Life and Mind of us all-the more I know I can trust His governance, as I did when there seemed to be certain disaster ahead on that country road. It's good to think of and trust God moment by moment!

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