Social Values Vital to Investing, Say e-Monitor Readers

Moral standards are vital in choosing investments, say 81 percent of those who voted in an e-Monitor survey. But most were unsure whether available "socially responsible" mutual funds matched their own values.

The poll on the Monitor's Internet site ( was related to a story, "Investing With Principle as the Bottom Line," that ran June 26. It represents a forum for readers to share their views, not a scientific survey.

Of 66 respondents, 81 percent agreed with the statement "Social values outweigh financial values" in investing.

Almost one-third said existing mutual funds matched their investing values. But 6 in 10 said they don't have enough information to be sure.

The poll asked which of eight corporate-behavior issues was the most important. The environment won strongest support (12 percent), followed by workplace discrimination (10.6 percent), caring for communities (6 percent), and not selling alcohol or tobacco (6.6 percent). (The other issues were gambling, weapons, paying workers well, and product/workplace safety.) Almost half of respondents answered "all of the above."

Six percent answered, "I have no social or moral concerns as an investor."

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