You Can Send In For Copies of These Articles

For a limited time, we'll send you up to three (3) full-size black-and-white copies of Kidspace articles. Please follow all the instructions on Page 17. Be sure to include a large self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request, and mail it by July 15. Meanwhile, here are a few things you can do right away - with a grown-up's help. Have fun!

The Paper Ace, Nov 12. Interview with a master; a plane to cut out and fly.

Secret Signals, Jan. 7. Semaphore; Navajo 'code talker' words; a code wheel.

Tracking Dinosaurs, March 18. How to make a tyrannosaur 'trackway.'

Decoding Ancient Egypt, Oct. 1. Interview with an Egyptologist; a hieroglyphic alphabet with a puzzle to solve.

Weekdays, She's in Fifth Grade; Weekends, She's in 1627, Nov. 19. How to play Nine Men's Morris; 1600s riddles.

Tune In TV History, March 25. Quiz your parents, grandparents, friends.

The Trick to Being a

Magician, April 1. Do 'The One-Handed Knot,' more.

Where Does a Candy Bar Come From? May 20. Ingredients' global origins.

Here's What to Do:

For a limited time, the Monitor will send you up to THREE (3) full-size black-and-white photocopies of the Kidspace articles (both pages) pictured above. We'll provide the copies; you provide the envelope and postage.

1. Use a pen to put a check mark in the boxes by the articles you want. (Only three per request, please.)

2. Fill in this form:

NAME: ____________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________


CITY: _____________________________

STATE: ______ ZIP: ________________

3. Carefully PRINT your name and address on a long (business-size, No. 10) envelope. Put the proper postage on it:

ONE reprint 32 cents postage

TWO reprints 55 cents

THREE reprints 78 cents

4. Put this page (boxes checked? address filled in?) and your large, self-addressed, stamped envelope in another envelope. Send it to:

The Christian Science Monitor Library

Kidspace Photocopies

One Norway Street

Boston, MA 02115-3195

Requests must be mailed by July 15!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Write to the above address or e-mail:

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