Flavors Worth Remembering: Share Your Favorite Recipes

Grandmother Carlson made the best Swedish pancakes this side of Valhalla.

She would whip the thin, eggy batter to a frenzy before pouring it in a sizzling, buttered, cast-iron skillet. Once turned, she would spread the pancake (I guess it would be called a crepe today) with a little more butter and slather it with homemade currant jelly, roll it and sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

We would sit, fidgeting at the kitchen table as grandmother would dole them out, one at a time. The wait was agony. The reward, ambrosia.

I came across this and other recipes while going through a rusty tin box of yellowed three-by-five cards recently.

There too, was my mother's recipe for apple pie (she took great pride in her crust) along with one for ginger snaps, and her famous cocktail mix - you remember, the nuts and dried cereal mix flavored with butter, spices, and Worcestershire sauce. "I added an extra dash of garlic powder," mother would say. (Rather daring back in the 60s.)

We're hoping you have an old favorite family recipe or two you'd like to share with our readers. Perhaps with a brief anecdote or bit of family history. We may even test and publish your offerings.

If you do, please send them to: Family Recipes, c/o Food Editor, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, Mass., 02115, or fax them to (617) 450-7401, or send electronic mail to: youngj@csps.com

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