A Monitor Quiz: More Riddles In Rhyme

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings, origins, and (usually) spellings. For example: sail, sale; tea, tee. Read the riddles below and see if you can identify the two or three (or four!) homonyms referred to. Answers are at the bottom.

1. I'm the one

That's seen and true;

Or I can pull in

A fish or two.

2. My life is afield

Gilding an ear;

Or fighting to rank

In an army career.

3. What I must do

To raise the dough;

Is what I must meet

In order to grow.

4. I'm the wind,

The rain, and the clime;

I'm the "IF"

To make up your mind.

5. I drop in the till

On a banker's day;

A creature so wild,

A child's play.

6. A way to whiff,

A word for "aware,"

A call to negate

Or deny a dare.

7. I'm one to go down,

I'm one to rise;

A gaze that is steady,

With unwavering eyes.

8. An editor's stroke,

A rabbit's snack;

A diamond's measure

(How's one and a half?)

9. I'm where you sail,

I'm a consonant sound;

A word for grab,

Or just looking around.

10. A set of notes,

A stack of wood;

A holey apple,

Is the center no good?


(1) real, reel; (2) kernel, colonel; (3) knead, need;

(4) weather, whether; (5) dough, doe, (play)dough; (6) nose, knows, nos; (7) stair; stare; (8) caret, carrot, carat; (9) seas, c's, seize, sees; (10) chord, cord, cored.

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