Monitor Quiz: A Literary Name Game

Here's how it works: Shakespeare's real estate would be 'The Bard's yards.' A serious Mr. Hemingway is 'Earnest Ernest.' (But if he were in ancient Israel, he'd be ... 'Joppa Papa.') Put your memory and your rhyming sense to work and solve these literary puzzles based on authors' names:

1. Melville's Teutonic neighbors

2. Something to partner with Whitman's pepper

3. Poet Sylvia's fury

4. Ezra's land

5. Opponent of the man who wrote 'The Raven'

6. The man who wrote 'The Return of the Native' is late for school

7. He wrote 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,' and he's missing

8. Sailboat steerer belonging to playwright of 'The Crucible'

9. Alternatives for writer of 'Ulysses'

10. George Bernard's rules

11. Lewis's postscript


(1) Herman's Germans; (2) Walt's salt; (3) Plath's wrath; (4) Pound's ground; (5) Poe's foe; (6) Tardy Hardy; (7) Lost Frost; (8) Miller Tiller; (9) Joyce's choices; (10) Shaw's laws; (11) C.S.P.S

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