New Formats Go Beyond Televangelism

A look at some of the leading religious TV networks and stations, including where they're based, how many homes they reach, and some of the programs they broadcast.


Fort Worth, Texas

32 million homes

"Cope," a daily one-hour call-in show hosted by Dr. Karen Hayter, a therapist, on different topics. An edited concert series featuring long-form videos or concerts and comedians. Old classics like "Ozzie and Harriet."

The Gospel Network

Hollywood, Calif.

6 million homes by the end of 1998

Live concerts, comedy, news, gospel music, and how-to shows.


New York

28 million homes

"News Odyssey," a weekly half-hour program that explores religion and values in the context of world news. "Quiet Triumph," a look at how celebrities get through difficult times.

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Irving, Texas

73 million homes

"Fire by Night," a Christian version of "Saturday Night Live," featuring comedy skits. "Back on Course," hosted by Gavin MacLeod of "The Love Boat," a look at the secrets of marital success. "Charisma Today," featuring magazine-style stories on the world of Christianity.

Trinity Television

New York

28 million homes

"The Real Bottom Line," interviews with people like Bill Bradley and Jesse Jackson on what really matters to them. Film adaptations, including Graham Greene's "A Visit to Morin."

WCFC (Christian Communications of ChicagoLand)


1.5 million homes

Fishing; music programs like "Solid Rock Video" and "Testify," which features gospel singing.

Z Music Television


19 million homes

"Gen 01," a two-hour news magazine featuring ordinary people from the generation-X age bracket who do extraordinary things.

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