Monitor Quiz: Jump-Rope Jingles

Some of these rhymes and terms are timeless and universal; others vary by generation and region. These questions are taken from 'Children's Counting Out Rhymes, Fingerplays, Jump-Rope, and Bounce-Ball Chants and Other Rhythms,' by Gloria Delamar (McFarland, 1983).

1. What does the little Dutch girl, dressed in blue, like to do?

2. What word joins 'bluebells' before it's 'eevy, ivy, over'?

3. What does Teddy Bear do after he turns around?

4. At the animal fair, 'where the birds and the beasts were there,' what color is the old baboon by the light of the moon?

5. 'Fudge, fudge, tell the judge....' Tell the judge what?

6. What is Mabel, Mabel told to do?

7. What color is Cinderella's dress when she goes 'downtown to meet her fellow'?

8. What do we call a rope turned at medium speed that allows the jumper to do a double hop?

9. What do we call it when the rope is turned fast? What about very fast?

10. What do jumpers call it when they click their heels together between jumps?

11. What do we call it when two turners swing two ropes simultaneously in a crisscross pattern?

12. What do jumpers get when turners gradually raise the rope off the ground?


(1) She salutes to the captain, bows to the queen, and turns her back on the ugly submarine; (2) Cockleshells; (3) Touches the ground; (4) Auburn; (5) 'Momma had a newborn baby'; (6) Set the table; (7) Yellow; (8) Salt; (9) Pepper; red hot peppers; (10) Buck and wings; (11) Double Dutch; (12) High water, low water.

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