Monitor Quiz: March for Women

March is Women's History Month, but there is an additional reason to note it: March is also the birth month of many notable women. Can you figure out who they are from these clues?

1. March 4, 1934. A life spent living among and researching chimpanzees makes this woman remarkable.

2. March 6, 1806. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" is a famous line from this English poet.

3. March 7, 1938. After she became the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500, announcers could no longer say, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

4. March 10, 1913, is actually the date of the death of this woman. Born a slave, she never knew her date of birth. She was the first woman "conductor" on the Underground Railroad.

5. March 13, 1798. Her husband was America's 13th president. When she moved into the White House and found no books, she set aside a room on the second floor to start a library.

6. March 18, 1964. A powerhouse on the ice, she is the only US woman to earn five Olympic gold medals.

7. March 25, 1935. She started Ms. magazine and has long been a leader in the women's movement.

8. March 25, 1942. She's the "Queen of Soul," and her music demands "Respect."

9. March 26, 1930. She was the first woman to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.

10. March 27, 1868, is the birthday of Patty Smith Hill. You've probably never heard of Hill, but you know the song she wrote (her sister wrote the melody). It was originally called "Good Morning to All." Hill later changed it somewhat, and now it is probably the most "celebrated" song in the world. What is it?

Answers: 1. Jane Goodall; 2. Elizabeth Barrett Browning; 3. Janet Guthrie; 4. Harriet Tubman; 5. Abigail Powers Fillmore; 6. Bonnie Blair; 7. Gloria Steinem; 8. Aretha Franklin; 9. Sandra Day O'Connor; 10. "Happy Birthday to You."

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