How Sharp Is Your News Noggin?

These questions are based on stories printed in Monitors dated Jan. 21 through 24.

1. The dog who plays Wishbone in the PBS-TV children's series of the same name is a Jack Russell terrier. What is the dog actor's real name?

A. Soccer

B. Jill

C. Felice

D. Cyrano

2. America's National Basketball Association is promoting "2ball" among 9-to-17-year-old boys and girls in Mexico. Why is it called "2ball"?

3. Since they went into service in December 1969, Boeing 747 airplanes have flown 19.5 billion miles. How many passengers have they carried?

A. 104 million

B. 504 million

C. 1 billion

D. 1.4 billion

4. An American export may have helped to prompt a recent proposal by the French government to radically reform its judicial system. What was the export, and what was its effect, as seen in a national poll?

5. Phil Spector, best known as a record producer of such hits as "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Be My Baby" in the 1950s and '60s, will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 10. Mr. Spector wrote which of the following?

A. "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling"

B. "Chelsea Morning"

C. "I Fall to Pieces"

D. "Malaguena"

6. The United States has taken a dim view of what nation's plan to sell military equipment to Syria?

7. Who is Miller Williams of Arkansas, and why was he in the news Jan. 20?

8. Oceanographers are now involved in searching for life on one of Jupiter's moons that has been observed to contain frozen water. The Jovian moon is named:

A. Zeus

B. Europa

C. Triton

D. Capon

9. Name the country outlined on this map, the subject of a two-part eyewitness series on rebel activity there.

10. "The country where it all began has become the country where it all has ended," read a story about a peacemaking ceremony that was to take place Jan. 22. Who were the parties to this declaration of peace from World War II?

A. France and Germany

B. China and Japan

C. The Czech Republic and Germany.

D. Japan and the US

11. A new study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development suggests that broccoli might be better than corn. Better for what?

12. The difference between old 3.5-gallon models and the new 1.6-gallon ones mandated by Congress has created a black market for the old ones in some places. What are they?

13. Thirty-two percent of them followed pro football two years ago. Now 41 percent do, according to a Harris poll. Who are they?

14. Brazil's automobile production has doubled since 1990, and traffic jams have become more frequent. A recent tie-up in So Paulo was how long?

A. 9 miles

B. 18 miles

C. 27 miles

D. 90 miles

15. American tobacco farmers are preparing to harvest the (biggest? smallest?) crop in five decades.

Answers: 1. A; 2. "2ball" is basketball played with two people per team; 3. D; 4. American TV dramas like "NYPD Blue," "Law and Order," and reruns of "The Untouchables" shown on French television. A poll found that French people thought that their own legal system had protections similar to those in America; 5. A; 6. South Africa; 7. The poet recited one of his poems, "Of History and Hope," at President Clinton's inauguration; 8. B; 9. Zaire; 10. C; 11. By encouraging Mexican farmers to plant broccoli instead of corn, they could earn more money and not be so tempted to emigrate illegally to the United States; 12. Bathroom commodes; 13. American women. 14. D; 15. Biggest.

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