Everyday Mysteries

Look around: What do you see? Now look closer - much closer - and those everyday objects may start to look like some of the pictures on this page. All these things are commonly found in people's kitchen cabinets and drawers, in their laundries and bathrooms, or on top of their dressers. Look carefully, and think big. First, try to figure out what each object is just by looking at it. If nothing comes to mind, try reading the clue. But if you're still mystified, never fear: The answers are printed at the bottom of the page.

* Answers: 1. clothespins; 2. toothpicks; 3. stacking glass bowls; 4. pony-tail holders; 5. water-faucet handle; 6. candy sprinkles; 7. salt shaker; 8. beaters; 9. fork tines.

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