Inauguration Sale

"One of the more exciting aspects of this inauguration is the agreement that we have with QVC." It's the sale of inaugural merchandise on a cable TV shopping network that is so exciting to Terry McAuliffe, Democratic fund-raiser and co-chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. It's certainly exciting to us, and not just because it might bring in a few bucks to subsidize the inauguration splendors without turning to Asian financiers.

Here's an opportunity to go beyond the advertised presidential pens, books, and medallions to exclusive educational toys and games!

"Jogging With the President." Attaches to any home treadmill, offers the virtual-reality experience of speeding past the commander in chief and getting to Burger King first.

"First Lady Doll." Kind to children and villages. Guaranteed not to eat hair, may swallow documents.

"Chelsea Clicks." Discover why everyone likes the First Daughter in this interactive conversation on CD-ROM. All ages.

"Stephanopoulos!" Match wits with a top adviser as he switches to professor and TV commentator. Advance two spaces for each successful spin.

"Tickle Me Leon." Long-lasting memento of the genus Panetta, unusually cuddly but sturdy chief of staff.

For the undecided, don't forget "White House in a Box," everything from Socks to the Lincoln bedroom to electoral achievements and lingering investigations, ready for selection and assembly to your taste.

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